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CARTOON OF THE DAY: Agyepong Attacked In NPP Turmoil

The headquarters of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) has become a theatre of war as executives struggle over who is in charge.

The party's general secretary Kwabena Agyepong was at the receiving end of supporters who smashed the screens of his vehicle at a meeting at the Asylum Down headquarters Tuesday.

Cartoonist Makaveli reports from the scene.


CARTOON OF THE DAY: Cancer For Sale In Ghana

Dozens of drums of local palm oil adulterated with cancer-causing chemicals have been seized in Accra by the authorities of the Food and Drugs Authority.

Cartoonist Makaveli takes the issue up as Ghanaians live in a state of fear.


CARTOON OF THE DAY: NPP Throws 'Jonah' Afoko To The Sharks

Ghana's biggest opposition party the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has suspended its national chairman Paul Afoko barely a year to a general election.

Afoko was suspended for misconduct following a petition by the Council of Elders.

Cartoonist Makaveli likened his suspension to the Biblical story of minor prophet Jonah who was swallowed by a whale in stormy times.


CARTOON OF THE DAY: Ghosts Haunt EC For New Register

The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) and its allies are alleging that Ghana’s voters register is bloated with names of Togolese and other nationals.

Others are also claiming that the register has over two million ghost names.

How's the issue affecting the EC?

Cartoonist Makaveli gives his take on the issue.


CARTOON OF THE DAY: Judge Ajet Nassam Wanted

Embattled judge John Ajet Nassam has been declared wanted by the Investigative Committee probing allegations of bribery and corruption against him.

Notices have been put in newspapers while the national security is on his heels to locate his whereabouts.

Cartoonist Makaveli delves into the issue.



The National Democratic Congress pulled out of an Institute of Economic Affairs’ (IEA) sponsored debate for or against a new voters’ register ahead of the 2016 elections.

According to a statement signed by General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, the Umbrella party said it is unable to participate because the IEA is “attempting to usurp, or compete with the EC over the Voters Register issue; which is unacceptable.”

Cartoonist Makaveli presents President John Mahama's take on the issue.


CARTOON OF THE DAY: Don't give me pressure - EC boss

Simply send a petition for a new voters' register and stop "shouting" about it, EC boss Charlotte Osei seems to be telling members of the Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA).
But the leadership of the pressure group feels the new EC boss is just "buying time" to delay the process.
Cartoonist Makaveli was quick to capture the scene.


Crow Rides On Eagle Like It's No Big Deal

Photo Source: huffingtonpost.com

Most birds are perfectly capable of flying around on their own, but this crow decided it was time to take a load off.
Amateur wildlife photographer Phoo Chan captured this incredible scene recently in the skies above Seabeck, Washington.
Chan told The Daily Mail that he thought the crow was trying to chase the eagle out of its territory -- a behavior he's seen before. But the eagle's response surprised him.
"The eagle didn't seem to mind and kept flying as if nothing happened," he said. "I think the crow decided to land on the eagle because the eagle did not respond to its harassment, so it landed briefly and then left." The ride lasted just seconds.
"Eventually the crow flew away and the eagle continued to hunt for its breakfast," Chan said.


The fake revenge stunt that fooled nearly everyone

Photo Source: bbc.co.uk

What seemed to be an extreme act of revenge by a husband against a cheating spouse turned out to be a marketing campaign by a German legal information company.
It was a parting statement - literally. A newly-divorced German man, "Martin", recorded himself sawing all his possessions in half, and then put them up for sale on eBay.


Spunky 4-Year-Old Flower Girl Steals The Spotlight In Mom's Wedding Photo

Photo Source: huffingtonpost.com

Clearly, this 4-year-old flower girl isn't afraid to show a little affection.
At her mom Michelle Hall's Knoxville, Tennessee wedding on Saturday, flower girl Anderson surprised everyone when she planted a kiss on the ring bearer during a bridal party photo shoot.
"I set up the entire wedding party for a formal shot as I do with every wedding, and then asked the bride and groom to kiss," photographer Leah Bullard told The Huffington Post. "Since Anderson had been calling herself the bride the whole day, she assumed I was referring to her and went in for a kiss too. It was a memorable moment that had everyone in tears laughing."
Bullard told HuffPost that capturing the unscripted smooch was the highlight of the day.


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