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GMOs or No GMOs -- Is That Really the Question?

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A quick review of some recent events shows public opinion saying no to genetically modified food. The USDA's establishment of a voluntary certification process to label foods free of GMOs, worldwide protests against Monsanto, and Chipotle's announcement to remove GMOs from their food menu are just a few examples.


Hail The Smart President!

My word of the month is the adjective 'smart'. It gained prominence in this country following Mr Dead-Goat's speech on May 1, during the May Day celebrations. Since then our ears have been inundated with the word.
While some see nothing wrong with Mr Dead-Goat's statement that only 'smart' businesses will expand in this dumsor period because there is light at the end of the tunnel, others feel the president is rubbing salt into their sores. The ensuing debate led me to look up the word in the dictionary.
My dictionary tells me 'smart' is an adjective meaning 'intelligent, neat and well-groomed'. In the context that Mr Dead-Goat used the word, it is obvious that he was talking about intelligence. By inference, those laying off workers as a result of dumsor are brainless or unintelligent.


Are computers making our lives too easy?

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Smartphones, robots and computers offer to make our lives ever-more efficient, but what do we lose by accepting that seductive promise? Tom Chatfield spoke to author Nicholas Carr about the perils of over-automation.
It’s easy to assume that automating everything will lead to a better world. Computers that supercharge our productivity. Apps that make life faster and easier. Robots that spare us from the drudge.
The steady stream of innovations coming out of Silicon Valley only serves to feed that narrative of a better life through technology.


Can Pope Francis Help Avoid a 'Third World War'?

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Up until now, news about Pope Francis -- including on this blog -- has been mostly on Church-related affairs: how he is slowly reforming the Roman Curia, how he is trying to get bishops to address family situations of all kinds or how his ways of speaking, behaving and just simply living are deeply renewing from within one of the oldest institutions in the world.
Increasingly this pope, as popular as ever, is not just focusing on his Church. He is addressing the world at large with some of the toughest issues. He is beginning to speak out loud on war, on the environment and on social justice.

'Third World War'


Powerful Ghana: End Of Prosperity?

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Life in Ghana was created by God as Life in Paradise being provided by him with everything his people need to life in a country of milk and honey.


Religious Tolerance In Ghana's Educational Sector

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Ghana our motherland has enjoyed relative peace and harmony for a long time devoid of major conflicts and upheavals. All the tribes have been able to live peacefully with each other. One factor that has contributed to this is the inter tribal marriages amongst the people. Religious tolerance in our communities too can not be left out. Christians, Moslems and Traditionalists live side by side in most of our communities and these groups have co-existed peacefully without resorting to violence to settle their disputes. It is now a common sight to see Christians sharing their food with Moslems and Traditionalists during Christian festivities like Easter and Christmas and the Moslems and Traditionalist also do likewise. All of a sudden we are being hit by certain religious groups complaining about they being forced or coerced to adhere to certain religious faiths in our schools.


Leaders Of ‘OYA’ Must Be Arrested And Charged!!!

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"Abge-Wo", an AFAG-led demo held on Wednesday, 12 November 2014,was said to have pulled a less number of crowd than the group expected so instead of the media focusing on issues raised by the group for embarking on the said demo, The attention was rather on the intention of the police service to charge the group for deception and be made to pay for the cost of mobilizing resources and personnel to shepherd to demonstrators.
For over a week after that demonstration, there was a well-coordinated effort by a section of the media which has always openly operated on "PAY AS YOU GO" basis, to highlight the so-called small numbers that turned out for the said AFAG demo, how the demo had been a fiasco, the extent to which the police service had been deceived and the need to make the group pay for logistics the police marshaled.


The Era Of Afro-Capitalism

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As a free market thinker it has been very great, amazing and not surprise that the first 50 companies that have made a change in the world, never had any African company involved. History attests that all such 50 companies listed below started from the micro scale and for a period of years had transitioned to large scale enterprise employing over 1000s of people globally.
List of names of these companies are:
1. Microsoft
2. AT&T
3. Ford
4. Apple
5. McDonalds
6. America Online
7. FedEx
8. CBS
9. Philip Morris
10. Wal-Mart
11. General Electric
12. IBM
13. Sears Roebuck
14. General Motors
15. J.P Morgan & Co.
16. Union Pacific
17. RCA
18. Nike
19. Intel
20. CNN
21. Boeing
22. Hawlett-Packard
23. Standard Oil
24. Sony
25. US X-U.S Steel Group
26. Agency France –Presse


Renewable, Alternate, Green, And Sustainable Energy-Lifeline For Ghana

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When the big bang cosmological event happened four and half billion years ago, according to the experts such as Stephen Hawking, our sun was born as a big blazing star of gases among other billions of suns, and it has continued in its blaze over the sky ever since, non-diminishing in its intensity, and giving life to all living things on earth.
No wonder, some ancient people of Egypt, Babylon, Persia, and the Aztec-Maya civilisations, among many others, worshipped the sun-god which was called by different names as Ra in Egypt, Marduk in Persia, among others. Monuments of the Pyramids, the Stonehenge in SW England, and massive sun dials on the landscape in South America, of the archaeological remains of the Aztec-Maya civilisations, attest to sun-worship in ancient times.


When Rulers Are Totally Disconnected From The People They Rule

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Africa is not destined for underdevelopment.


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