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Ghana may soon be slapped with visa restrictions to the United States

Ghana may soon be slapped with visa restrictions to the United States, a statement from the US Embassy has warned. According to the statement, Ghana has failed to comply with international obligations regarding the issuance of travel documents.

The statement indicated that, the US will be forced to begin implementing the visa restrictions in accordance with U.S. law as a responsibility owed to the American people.

The statement said the Government of Ghana became a signatory to the Convention on International Civil Aviation which obliges Ghana through its Embassy in Washington, D.C., and its Consulate General in New York to interview deportees on a regular basis and issue the necessary travel documents.

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20 killed in attempted prison escape in Brazil's Belem

The state security service described the mass escape attempt as a military-style battle with inmates aided from outside.

Several inmates and one guard have died in an attempted prison breakout in the northern city Brazilian city of Belem.

The inmates were aided by an armed group on the outside who tried to blow up a wall on Tuesday, officials said.

A heavy gunfight erupted at the Santa Izabel Prison Complex outside Para's state captial when the inmates and their supporters tried to stage the mass escape.

The state security service identified 19 of the dead as prisoners or their supporters at the Santa Izabel penitentiary. One guard was also killed.

At least four guards were injured, including one who was in serious condition.

The state security service said in a statement that "in the rescue attempt, explosives were used against one of the walls".

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US lawmakers go after Facebook CEO Zuckerberg for anti-conservative bias

For years, conservatives have said Facebook operates with a deep anti-conservative bias and Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill did not waste the opportunity this week to grill CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the subject during congressional hearings intended to focus on the company's sharing of user data.

One accusation of conservative censorship, in particular, came up repeatedly during the hearings.

Last week, Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richard, two African-American sisters who have gained 1.4 million followers for their outspoken support for President Trump as the social media personalities "Diamond and Silk," accused Facebook (in a Facebook post) of "bias, censorship and discrimination."

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Putin savors a big victory after winning six more years as Russia's president

Putin's victory will take his political dominance of Russia to nearly a quarter of a century, until 2024, making him the longest ruler since Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. Putin, who will be 71 at the end of his term, has promised to beef up Russia's defenses against the West and raise living standards.

In an outcome that was never in doubt, the Central Election Commission, with nearly 100 percent of the votes counted, announced that Putin, who has run Russia as president or prime minister since 1999, had won 76.68 percent of the vote.

With more than 56 million votes, it was Putin's biggest ever win and the largest by any post-Soviet Russian leader.

In a late-night victory speech near Red Square, Putin told a cheering crowd the win was a vote of confidence in what he had achieved in tough conditions.

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86 Ghanaians deported from USA; more to follow

Eighty-six Ghanaians deported from the United States of America arrived in Ghana on Wednesday, March 13, 2018.

They were arrested at different states for various immigration offences such abuse of the terms of their visas and engaging in illegal employment.

The deportees, all males, came on a chartered flight on Wednesday morning.

More deportations expected

It is expected that more Ghanaians who are at various detention centres across the USA will be deported this year.

Detained between 6 and 12 months prior to deportation

Information indicates that, they were detained for periods ranging from between six and 12 months before being deported to Ghana.

82 Came with travel certificates

Out of the 86 people deported, 82, who did not have passports, came with travel certificates, while four traveled with Ghanaian passports.

Regional breakdown of deportees

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Letter From Trump Prompts African Leaders to Refrain From Criticizing Him

African leaders say they have decided to refrain from issuing a resolution to criticize Donald Trump's alleged reference to their nations as "shithole countries" because the U.S. president sent them a letter expressing respect for the continent.

The leaders who met at an African Union summit in the Ethiopian capital were initially set to demand an apology from Trump over the remark reported by sources at a meeting on immigration with him this month. Trump denies making the comment.

Reports of the comment touched a nerve because they come on top of decisions by the Trump administration, particularly on visa restrictions, that many Africans say unfairly penalize the continent.

As the summit was being held at ministerial level, the gathering drafted a resolution calling on Trump to "publicly apologize to all Africans".


'Bad Rabbit' ransomware strikes Ukraine and Russia

A new strain of ransomware nicknamed "Bad Rabbit" has been found spreading in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere.
The malware has affected systems at three Russian websites, an airport in Ukraine and an underground railway in the capital city, Kiev.
The cyber-police chief in Ukraine confirmed to the Reuters news agency that Bad Rabbit was the ransomware in question.
It bears similarities to the WannaCry and Petya outbreaks earlier this year.
However, it is not yet known how far this new malware will be able to spread.
"In some of the companies, the work has been completely paralysed - servers and workstations are encrypted," head of Russian cyber-security firm Group-IB, Ilya Sachkov, told the TASS news agency.
Two of the affected sites are Interfax and


Ghanaian footballer who murdered his mother, sister in Italy released from prison

The Ghanaian footballer who confessed to the harrowing murder of his mother and sister in Italy just four months ago has been released from prison in Parma even though he has been declared 'socially dangerous'.

Solomon Nyantakyi was released from prison custody this week on the grounds of 'mental instability' after judges considered his medical records.

The former of Italian top-flight side Parma has now been transferred to Rems (a home for the rehabilitation mentally challenged people under tight security) in the town of Mezzani.

Solomon will be cured to be reinstated into society following the medical examination conducted by psychologist Dr Roberto Ariatti who was chosen by the prosecutors.

The 21-year-old murdered his mother Patience and sister Magdalene, who was only 11 years in July for unexplained reasons in their home in Parma.


Kenya election: Last-minute court bid to block poll

Kenya's Supreme Court will hold a last-minute hearing to decide whether the re-run of the presidential election can go ahead.

The court will hear an urgent petition by human rights activists arguing Kenya is not ready for the vote.

The election is due to take place the following day, on Thursday.
The Supreme Court in September took the unprecedented decision to annul the presidential election and demand a re-run.

Chief Justice David Maraga said the 8 August election had not been "conducted in accordance with the constitution" and declared it "invalid, null and void".

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the last-minute petition, which questions whether the electoral commission and its chairman will be able to conduct a free and fair election on Thursday.
It is asking for an entirely new election which could extend the process by months.


Taliban attacks leave 71 dead in Afghanistan

At least 71 people have been killed in a series of attacks by the Taliban in Paktia and Ghazni provinces, officials in Afghanistan say.

Of them, up to 41 people have died in a suicide bombing and gun battle, which injured 150 others, at a police training centre in Gardez city in Paktia.

At least 30 others have been killed in car bombings in neighbouring Ghazni province.

The initial double attack in Paktia occurred when fighters attacked the regional police headquarters at around 9am local time (04:30 GMT) on Tuesday in Gardez, less than 161km from the capital, Kabul.

The attackers used a truck and an armoured vehicle stolen from security forces to carry out the bomb attack, which left 41 people, including police chief Brigadier-General Toryali Abdiani, dead and more than 100 wounded, Hidayatullah Hamidi, Paktia's deputy governor, told Anadolu Agency.

Paktia casualties


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