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Court of Appeal annuls Judgement Debt findings against Woyome

The Court of Appeal has annulled certain adverse findings made by the Judgement Debt Commission against the businessman Mr Alfred Agbesi Woyome with regard to the GHc51.2 million judgement debt paid to him by the state.

In a ruling on Thursday, the three-member panel of the court held that the findings made by the commission were a breach of natural justice because Mr Woyome was not heard by the commission before those adverse findings were made.

“It is important to emphasise that what underpins our jurisprudence as common law jurisdiction — that no man be condemned before he is heard — be upheld in all times,’’ it held.

Apart from setting aside the findings, the court further ordered the findings to be expunged from the commission’s report and the White Paper on the report.

The panel was presided over by Mr Justice Victor Ofoe, with Mr Justice Senyo Dzamefe and Mrs Justice M.M. Agyemang as the other members.

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